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Jason Rosen
Certified Personal Trainer

Throughout my extensive sports & physical background, from training S.W.A.T. team members to doing rehabilitation, I have never met a more knowledgeable healing hand as Michelle.  Prior to entering the Police Academy where I graduated 4th in my class, I had extensive surgery on my right ankle.  I was afflicted with Tarsal Tunnel from all of my years playing football, baseball, basketball & fighting/kickboxing.I underwent months of Physical Therapy, only to have the pain return and plague me from doing my job!  It was not until I met Michelle that my pain in my ankle was finally removed.  Her touch is GOLD, and if you are lucky enough to have her give you a massage, you will realize the only thing bad about the massage, is when it is OVER!!!!

Stephanie Beebe

Dear Michelle,Thank you so much for all of your help with the fundraiser in 2007.You did an excellent job and everyone really appreciated your services and professionalism. The fundraiser was held at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church 3539 E Stanford Dr, Paradise Valley, AZ on May 5th 2007 from 11-2PM. The church held a fundraiser to raise money for a ministry van and raised approximately $700! Thank you,

Patti Priddy

Michelle is very professional which I appreciate when someone comes into your home. She is knowledgeable and willing to work on problem areas. It seemed as if the massage was done based on my needs and not just her deciding this is how a massage goes. I have had her in my home twice and plan on many more sessions.

Cindy Goldbergh

I feel great. Its like someone gave you a road map to my sore muscles. Are those really your fingers? I think you have machines in there!


“I had the best swims of my life because of you!”


“Massage was great! I did good in my 200 back!”


“The massage really helped! I beat my time!”

Mike Freshley
US Masters Swimming World Record

You’re the best!

Mike Pinto Tour Manager

“Best money I’ve spent on tour.”

Gypsy Kings Manager

That was fabulous! You have the best elbows in the business! Come to all of our shows!

Aaron and Jamie Gillespie

 Hello, my name is Jamie Gillespie and my husband is Aaron Gillespie, the drummer from UnderOath. I am writing to let you know your massage therapist Michelle in phoenix is one of the best we have ever experienced. With Aaron's job we get our fair share of massages and we have never been so satisfied as we were today with your therapist Michelle. Thank you to having her apart of your team. She is truly great at her job. Thank you

Sean Hennesy

That was AWESOME! I feel great!

Seal Bassist

WOW! You’re AMAZING! That was trippy! You are very strong!

Peter Cincotti

I’ve been on tour for weeks & there’s always a massage therapist here. You are the best!

DJ Blaze aka Scott Vandrey

Michelle, you always get the road kinks out of my back and get my body feeling great, whether before or after a show. Always happy to see you and those magic hands!

Skart – Supervillians

“You’re like fucking Miyagi!”

Supervillans – Trumpet

My name’s Ricardo & I tour & play with The Supervillains. We’ve been on the road for the last 2 months & I’ve received massages from many of ur associates. They have all been good, but michelle IS the best. She was at our show in Jacksonville tonite & last nite in Gainesville & she was workin at a show in Arizona a few weeks ago too. Well, She rocks!!! Best massage I’ve gotten…ever. Figured she deserved the compliment! Thanx for ur services!!!

Kai Rediske - Iration

Best massage EVER!

Kaleo Wassman
Guitar/Vocals- Pepper Band

“Never in my life have I had a massage like that!”

Steve Miller
Vocalist Steve Miller Band

“Marvelous! I feel like a human being again. Lovely!”

Will A.K.A. Yakuza Lee
stage tech/manager

I get a lot of massages around the country and all I have to say is unless I really need a little something done that can’t wait, Michelle is the ONLY masseuse that is allowed to work on me! No joke, the others are good but no one can make me feel so good like she does. She has worked out things that I thought I could never work out and it made feel like a million bucks. If I could afford it I would make her my personal masseuse @ home and the road! Definitely the BEST damn massage EVER! Thank You soo much for everything!

C-Money – Slightly Stoopid


Miles Doughty - Slightly Stoopid

Talk about a hand massage!

RYMO – Slightly Stoopid

Michelle, you have magic hands! After weeks on the road my back, shoulders and forearms get stiff as boards. After one session I feel relaxed and rejuvenated and ready for another show! Thank you!

Oguer “OG” Ocon

You’re pretty BAD ASS!

DeLa – Slightly Stoopid
Saxophone Player

You’re the best! I love when you are here!

Brian Lyons
Tour Manager

I never want it to end!

Snoop Dogg Body Guard

That was AMAZING! The stretching was great!

Snoop Dogg Tour Manager

“That was kick ass!”

Lady Gaga Video Crew

“She will kick the shit outta you.”

Lady Gaga catering

“You have amazing hands.”


Good Morning Michelle, It is going great. Monday night when we got home, we re-wrapped it. Monday night was the first time in a very long time that the pain did not wake me up. I have been treating it 2 times a day and have had very little (1) to zero pain. We also tried it on my dad's (knee) on Monday night and he said he had zero pain over night to late Tuesday afternoon. I started the rezume today and I hope that it is as great as the wrap. I am grateful of the help that I got from you. I cannot explain how much this has helped and would have never thought to look to cryoderm for this. I would love any promotional items you could get me. As mom and I want to stop selling biofreeze and go with cryoderm for our clients, needs and wants. And if you are ever back in Alberta, please let me know so we can met up. If there is anything I can do with you and cryoderm please let me know. Plus any new info on cryoderm and product too. Jenn

Fish Scales
Nappy Roots

Exactly what I need right before a show.

Kyle McDonald
Slightly Stoopid - Guitar/Bass/Vocals

That’s the REAL strong arm right there!

Lady Gaga

Thank you for helping me out!